Habitrail OVO Studio Edition

Habitrail OVO Studio Edition

Habitrail OVO Studio Edition
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Habitrail OVO Suite is a trendy cage design with opaque white bottom and orange retractable roof Provides endless hours of entertainment for your small animal Easy access and cleaning through retractable doors Deep base design to keep litter inside Fully expandable and ready to grow - limited only by your imagination

Habitrail OVO Studio (62615) Habitrail OVO Studio is a main habitat living space that provides an ideal home and play environment specifically designed for hamsters. OVO Studio-Limited Edition consists of a cage with opaque white bottom, an orange retractable roof, an opaque orange wheel, stairs, a feeding bowl, a turquoise water bottle, 1 mini maze, 1 mini chewable maze, 2 tees, 3 elbows, 2 cubes, 4 curves, 1 U-turn, 7 windows, 15 lock connectors. Built on Habitrail’s long-standing reputation for innovative hamster habitat designs, OVO Studio provides a comfortable living space for hamsters.

The elaborate world of Habitrail OVO consists of a variety main habitats, add-ons, trails, and chewable mazes that are easy to assemble-in as little as 60 seconds in some cases-thanks to our Lock Connectors, that allow quick and easy connections. Based on extensive behavioral studies, Habitrail OVO housing and accessories are designed to help enhance your pet hamster's quality of life. Completely redesigned, re-tooled and reinvigorated, OVO brings even more interesting and entertaining venues in which hamsters can explore, burrow, snooze, exercise or simply chill out.

The Habitrail OVO Suite is a trendy cage design which is easy to clean. It is a convenient all-in-one box to get you starter with your new hamster. The Habitrail OVO Suite includes: 1x Mini Maze, 1x Mini maze chewable maze, 2x Tees, 3 Elbows, 2x Cubes, 4x Curves, 1x U-Turn, 7x Windows, and 15x Lock Connectors. It is the ideal home and play environment for your hamster!
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